Pearls of the Parallel Saint-Petersburg

Malaya akademiya iskusstv

      So, - said Lemkhen. – And what have you heard about the “crab eye”?
-          Which eye?
-          About the crab eye. Crab. You know? – Mr. Lemkhen cut the air with two fingers.
-          With pincers.
-          I’m hearing about that for the first time, - said Nunan and frowned. 
-          And what do you know about “rattling napkins”?
Nunan got off the table and stood in front of Lemkhen with his hands in pockets.
-          I know nothing, - he said. – And you?
-          Unfortunately I know nothing as well. Neither about the “crab eye”, nor about “rattling napkins”. And they do exist…
“Bracelets”! “Needles”! “White staggers”! and moreover some “crab eyes”, some “bitchy rattles”, “rattling napkins”, hell’s bells! – He again interrupted himself, returned to the armchair, connected the fingers and asked politely: - What do you think about this, Richard?
(“Roadside Picnic” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky)
So what do You know about “Yard of Spirits”? About “Tower of gryphon”? About “Yard of Smart masses”, “Muruzi House”, “Mosaic yard”, “Chess yard”… I guess nothing. And they do exist… They resemble the pearls of a suddenly torn necklace scattered in thick grass. Go find and pick them… You’ll go by, won’t notice them… But we have still found and collected them all into some threads of tours, “pearls” of Piter. These are never included to a “standard enlistment” of a tourist, they aren’t marked at the official city maps, but they exist and the more the better, let them please the eye, touch the soul and waken the imagination…
This walking will take about 1,5-2 hours. Time of your excursion is on your mind (but if you want to see the city until 00:00, it will cost extra 500rub for your guide).
To make your time more pleasant, please, put on comfortable sport clothes (especially shoes).
 1-2 persons – 3290rub
 3 persons – 3990rub
 4 persons– 1190rub
 5 and more – 1090rub per person
 In case of prepayment – discount.

 Orders stages:
 1) Beforehand to send a sms to +79119264020 with a text
Date and time you want
Number of walkers,
Your contacts: e-mail, telephone”
 2) To get a discount you have to make a partial prepayment. Press “Feedback” and text
Date and time you want
Number of walkers,
Your contacts: e-mail, telephone”
 3) You can gift this excursion!
It looks like a big post card that is so nice to present.
Gift certificate is actual for 1 or 2 persons.
Valid for 1 year.
Valid for most of A-MEGA excursions or roofing tour.
Choose your price:
a) It costs 3350rub for to have e-mail version.
b) 3400rub if you come to our office and for to have it.
c) 3600rub with delivery in Saint-Petersburg.
To make a certificate you have to press “Feedback” and text
Date and time you want
Number of walkers,
Your contacts: e-mail, telephone, your name”