The route through the yards-roofs with view to the sunset

Why walking on roofs are so attractive?
 Is it because it not authorized?
 Is it because to find the exit out to roofs is not easy?
 Is it because it is not safe?
 Is it because the view from roofs is very different and special?
 Is it because roofs are closer to the sky?
 Is it because roofing is a fast transition from city noise in privacy, almost silence and … zen?
 Yes, all of those and something else, different for everyone. Roofs different, different views from them and feeling too.
 The entrances on roofs are often go through a vagabond yards, such a wrong side, but for the some persons this wrong side – is lovelier than painted streets and prospects, with their rumble and noise. And you feel the difference as soon as you enter into a yard. It has already checked: if you go not along prospects but by parallel way, by yards – you get tired less.
 The roof-route takes about 1.5-2 hours. We recommend very much to add into the route the Phonograph museum . For to take rest, tea from glasses with coasters, gramophones, phonographs and may be it will be possible to listen to a musical casket.
 How many roofs will be? 1 or 2. As many as you can maintain.
 But the distances from a roof to roof we will measure by feet. To feel the spirit of Saint-Petersburg it is necessary. There is one wonderful roof, but an input there is going through an external fire ladder, above the fifth floor. For crazy persons, probably, but this roof is big and suits for walking, and it is visible as raises the bridge of Piter the Great. But there are also other roofs, with not so frightening entrance, through an attic.
 Stalker (Roofer) – only the guide, so he(she) cannot guarantee your safety. Be reasonable and cautious.
 For exit on a route you should have a passport for any case and avoid problems with “vigilant” citizens.
 Have proper clothes:
 Footwear – convenient, without a heel.
 Skirts-dresses – leave at home on a hanger.
 Hands should be free. All necessary things should be placed in pockets, or in a small backpack.
 On a roof – everyone counts on himself. Do not hold on each other.
 Wires – do not touch.
 Look attentively where you step.
 Try to go on seams of metal sheets.
 New metal sheets we bypass or if is impossible we go on them with extreme care. They are slippery.
 Picnic on a roof? Yes,it is possible.)
 In crude weather – the route is closed. We wait, while roofs will dry out And it is more beautiful to look at the pure sky, not in a rain and a fog, is not it?
 Of course – our stalkers speak English. French is possible. Other language? Just let us know.
 3.000rub. – for 1 or 2 persons,
 3.400rub. – for 3 persons,
 4.000rub. – 4 persons
Moscow (we need a partly prepayment):
 4.500rub. - for 1 or 2 persons,
 6.000rub. - for 3 persons,
 7.200rub. - for 4 persons.
3 stages for to order this tour
 1) Send a sms to +79119264020 with a text
“Roofs SPb/Moscow;
dates and time you want
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 2) For to get a reserve a suitable time and have a discount you can make a partial prepayment
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You can gift this excursion!
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Gift certificate is actual for 1 or 2 persons.
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b) 3400rub if you come to our office and for to have it.
c) 3600rub with delivery in Saint-Petersburg.
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e-mail version costs 4450rub
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